About Us 

CLAW is the Consortium of Local Authorities in Wales that supports the professional and technical interests of property management in local government in Wales.

CLAW was formed in 1962 and now works with representatives from the elected members and officials of all Welsh local authorities for the promotion of excellence in the construction, maintenance, and management of property assets.


CLAW has several organisations with which it has partnering arrangements including:

Constructing Excellence in Wales (CEWales) is the united voice of Welsh construction and represents all the supply chain – from public sector clients to SME’s and materials manufacturers. CEWales is an independent, objective, self-funded membership body campaigning to improve the business of construction and raise the industry’s profile, because it underpins the Welsh economy, is intrinsic to many Welsh Government strategies and is vital to creating a Welsh built environment fit for the future.

The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) which represents the interests of local authorities in Wales.

The Association of Chief Estates Surveyors in the Public Sector (ACES), which comprises the professional heads of property and asset management services in local authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; senior professional roles in other public sector organisations including the Valuation Office Agency, Fire and Police authorities and government offices; and Senior surveyors working in the private sector who predominantly provide professional services to their public sector clients.

ACES promotes good asset and estates management in the interests of the community and public services; makes representations to government, associations, and institutions; represents members’ interests; disseminates information; and improve the public image of the profession.

CLAW’s Asset Management & Estates Group meeting in conjunction with the Welsh Branch of ACES.